1KD-FTV 3.0 D-4D Engine

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The 1KD-FTV is a 3.0 L (2,982 cc) straight-four common rail D-4D (Direct injection four-stroke common-rail Diesel) diesel engine with a variable nozzle turbocharger (VNT) and Intercooler. It has 16 valves and a double overhead camshaft (DOHC) design. Bore and stroke is 96 mm × 103 mm (3.78 in × 4.06 in).

Toyota 1KD-FTV (or 3.0 D-4D engine) appeared in 2000. The engine was available first for the Toyota 120-Series LandCruiser Prado and later for the 150-Series. Also, this 3.0-liter diesel was offered for installation in the Toyota Mk.7 Hilux, Toyota Mk.5 HiAce, and Toyota Hilux Surf (Toyota 4Runner). The 1KD engines ousted the Toyota KZ engine series. But now the 3.0-liter version is rapidly being replaced by the new Toyota GD engine – the 2.8L 1GD-FTV.

The 1KD-FTV engine has a cast iron cylinder block with two counter-rotating balance shafts driven by a gear on a crankshaft. The engine block doesn’t have liners. Inside the cylinder block, there is a forged crankshaft with eight weights and five main journals. The crankshaft pulley has a torsional rubber damper to reduce noise and vibration. Also, the engine was equipped with the high-strength connecting rods and aluminum alloy pistons with resin-coated skirts. The pistons are cooled and lubricated with motor oil sprayed by oil jets at the bottom of the engine block.


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