A25A-FKS 2.5D-4S Engine

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The Dynamic Force engines are a family of internal combustion engines developed by Toyota under the brand’s Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) strategy. The engines can be fueled by petrol (gasoline) or ethanol and can be combined with electric motors in a hybrid drivetrain. The engines were developed alongside the TNGA family of vehicle platforms, as part of a company-wide effort to simplify the vehicles being produced by Toyota.

Toyota Dynamic Force engine

Toyota’s A25A-FKS straight-four engine installed in the XV70 series Camry, the first vehicle to offer a Dynamic Force engine
Manufacturer Toyota
Production 2017–present
Displacement 1,490–3,445 cc (90.9–210.2 cu in)
Block material Aluminium alloy
Valvetrain DOHC
Fuel type
Cooling system Water-cooled

The engine is used in various Toyota and Lexus models starting with the four-cylinder A25A type installed in XV70 series Camry in June 2017.


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