V35A-FTS 3.5L Twin Turbo Engine

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Engine Displacement, cm3 Cylinder diameter x Piston stroke, mm Compression ratio Power, PS Torque, Nm RON Model
V35A-FTS 3444 85.5 x 100 10.5 421 / 6000 600 / 1600-4800 95 type’17
V35A-FTS 3444 85.5 x 100 10.4 414 / 5200 650 / 2000-3600 95 type’21

V35A-FTS (3.5 D-4ST DVVT-iE) – for RWD-based vehicles, combined fuel injection, turbocharger (twin-turbo), DVVT-iE or DVVT-i. Applications: Lexus LS (type’17); Toyota Land Cruiser 300, Tundra, Sequoia, Lexus LX600 (type’21).

V35A-FTS (3.5 D-4ST)

It is the second engine of the “Dynamic Force” generation, the first in Toyota history turbocharged V-engine. Some of the technical solutions are similar to the new inline-4 A25 and M20 engines, the others look even more conservative.

Upd. Description of design differences for type’21 (LC 300) has been added.


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